I bought a large frame last fall for $1.00 at a garage sale. I had this idea in mind to put a bunch of photo frames within the larger frame to bring some art into our bedroom (which was majorly lacking in art). I spray painted the frame a high-gloss white and, after it dried, hung it on the wall with place markers for the size of frames I was looking for.

I bought all of my frames from the Target REstyle collection (my fave!) and filled them with art, fun postcards we’ve collected, and a wedding photo. Here is the finished product:

Pretty cool, huh? Let’s take a closer look!

This is a cool postcard I found at Powell’s during our trip to Portland, Oregon. It reminds us of all the yummy food trucks we visited. It also reminds us that we need to get back there…soon…and possibly permanently!

I got this little promotional art piece from an art show for Marc Shank. It feels all industrial and nature-y at the same time!

Clockwise from the top: a photo from our wedding, a Hammerpress gift tag, an IKEA art card, and another card we found in Portland at the Saturday Market.

Another card I found at some cute store, although I can’t remember which one…and finally, “Man’s (Original) Best Friend.”

I also whipped up another cute little frame for above my nightstand with a Hammerpress card and some more IKEA art cards…

Maybe when our bedroom is actually clean for more than 5 minutes I will get a wider photo of the room that incorporates the new frames. Maybe.

Total cost for this project

Garage Sale frame – $1.00
Rustoleum High Gloss White spray paint – $3.77
Target REstyle frames (assorted sizes) – $23.31
Craft wrapping paper – $1.87
Assorted art, photos and cards – $0 (had them around the house)


Not too bad considering we FINALLY have some art in our bedroom! This week we’re taking a little break from all things dog and will be focusing on more DIY stuff since Daniel finally finished re-tiling the bathroom (and it looks GOOD!) and he is working on installing a new mantle over the fireplace. I also finished a couple mini DIY projects that I can’t wait to share.

* And for a little tidbit of information on Daniel & I – today is the 6 year anniversary of our first date. After years of being “just friends” in college, Daniel finally asked me out for our first date on October 25, 2005. We saw a free preview of “Walk the Line” and never looked back. He’s been my boo ever since. Happy Anniversary, dearest! Love you so! *