Remember this gorgeous girl? Miss Lucy wanted to give you an update on what she’s been up to since I last told you about her

Hey everyone! Lucy here! My life has been pretty crazy over the last month – but especially in the last week! You see, about a month ago I was found by the Animal Control wandering around the streets of Lee’s Summit all by myself! Can you believe that someone would let a gorgeous girl like me hang out alone in a big city?! I know, me either, but it happened. I spent 30 days in the slammer just for wandering outside alone, and every week on the same day, this nice man would pick me up and bring me to “adopshun events” and this nice lady would always “oooh” and “ahhh” over me and tell all the nice people who came in that they should take me home and let me be their One. I would sit really nicely or roll over on my belly, but people just didn’t seem to want me to be their One.

This nice lady got really sad and worried a lot about me. One day after the “adopshun event,” she came to my crate and promised me that I would see her “on Toosday.” I didn’t know what that meant but it sounded nice. I waited quietly in my cage for two days and then on Toosday, she came for me and told me she was busting me out of the slammer! I jumped in her car and we drove for a long time. She started crying and telling me how happy she was that I was “saved.” I didn’t know what “saved” was but I put my paw in her hand to let her know that she didn’t need to cry anymore. She took me to a big building with nice people inside, gave me a big hug and told me to be good for my “sir-gur-ee.” Apparently, the “sir-gur-ee” was going to make me never have to have babies again – which is nice, because I’ve already had lots of babies and it’s scary to have them when you’re all alone in the big city!

I woke up a little while later and a DIFFERENT nice lady brought me home to her house. This lady told me her name was “foster mama” and I was going to live with her for awhile. This lady has an old cat that I thought was a toy but she scolded me and told me I couldn’t play with the cat. I was worried that foster mama would be mad at me so I rolled on my belly and showed her how cute I was and then she wasn’t mad anymore. She also gave me some blankets to sleep with and told me I could sleep on the couch in her office while she worked. She said she never saw a dog take so much care to arrange her bed before – but no one ever offered for me to have a bed so I wanted to make it JUST RIGHT!

After a few days of fun with foster mama – taking car rides, going on long walks with my new Easy Walk Harness, trying to play with Sylvester the Cat, and basking in the sun in the backyard – we went to another “adopshun event” and foster mama said we might find my One there. I’d been to these events before and never found my One, so I didn’t really believe foster mama, but I decided to be really good and practice my sits and rolling over on my belly, just in case. You can never be too cute is my motto!

And wouldn’t you know it? I got ADOPTED! A nice couple adopted me and took me home to be their One. They were so excited to have me that they posted a photo of me on Facebook (whatever that is) and told everyone how excited they were to have me as their new One! They even told everyone how I put my paws on their bed to say goodnight before going to my own bed to sleep. Aw shucks guys, you’re telling them all my cuteness secrets! So there you have it – I went from being scared and alone in the slammer to safe and sound with my new Ones in just over a month. Alright, back to practicing my cuteness skills!