Fun fact about me: I love getting mail! I get really excited whenever I see envelopes in our mailbox – especially card-shaped envelopes (the bill-shaped envelopes I could do without…send those to my rich benefactor, puh-leese!). So it is not surprising that a few weeks ago when I opened the mailbox and saw a card-shaped envelope with a return address of New Hampshire, I squealed with delight! You see, our dear friends Cori & Andrew live in New Hampshire…and Cori sends GREAT cards! I hurriedly opened the envelope and saw this:

PITTIES! Cori knows the way to my heart…and the sweet note inside made my day…especially what she wrote on the left…

While still on my “card-from-afar” (because yes, I consider NH to be ‘afar’) high, I was super excited a few days later when I got ANOTHER card-shaped envelope in the mail, this time from the D.C. area! More squealing ensued when I saw this inside:

Chick wrote us a “thank you” note for donating to the fundraiser for Zee! Turk and Rufus were fawning over that striking photo of Zee while Ginger made it known who has stolen her heart…

Hubba hubba… someone has a crush….

Thanks for the mail, Cori and Chick! It made my day(s)!