Yesterday was Ginger’s dental procedure and follow-up ear appointment. The vet was so pleased with the progress on her ears, that he decided we could skip the invasive lateral ear resection and instead, we opted to cauterize some of the growths in her ears while she was under anesthesia for her dental.

Well, the dental went really well – Ginger needed to have a few teeth removed but her pearly whites are so much pearlier and whiter! He was able to remove some of the growths in her ears but the cauterizing was a bit more…um…messy. The vet had trouble stopping the bleeding, and Ginger was returned to me extremely doped up on morphine with blood on her ears, neck, chest, and front legs and paws. As she teetered over toward me in the vet office, I nearly lost it…her Sirius Republic “Adopt Me” collar looked a bit like a prop from an episode of Dexter. She could barely walk and I had to carry her to the car. She’ll be okay but sheesh, it was scary to see her like that!

But she is HOME and I am snuggling her and loving on her…very carefully!