Ginger is set for her dental appointment today and a follow-up on her ears!

We raised enough money to cover her dental and supplements, and even if we don’t get any more donations (although we could definitely use it!), if the sweater orders keep coming in, we should have enough to cover the ear procedure! After a lot of contemplation, we decided to just follow up with the vet tomorrow to see how Ginger’s ears are looking – and if they are still looking bad, then we will go ahead with the surgery. If they are looking better, we will hold off on that surgery and place the money we raised into a “trust fund” for Miss Ginger’s future forever family, so that way, if they need to do that surgery in the future, we will be able to help them with that. It seems like the best plan for now.

So wish her luck today! More news tomorrow on how it everything went!

* Thank you again to all of you that donated to Ginger’s care – you are awesome! *