First of all, thank you to all of you that ordered sweaters! My mom is going to be busy with orders for awhile but she is so glad to share her knitting with all of you!

I had the day off last Thursday and it was so beautiful outside that I took the dogs in the backyard for a little photo sesh. They did not disappoint me! Ginger was proud to model her brand new Sirius Republic collar and kept doing very serious, model-y poses for the camera.

Turk remained very still as he was on the lookout for any squirrels attempting to breach the perimeter of our yard….

Rufus stayed true-to-form with his requisite “are you serious, mom?!” face in every photo.

Ginger is still pretty nervous about going too far into the yard for fear I will abandon her there (the girl still has some issues in that area), but as long as I hang out in the yard with her, she feels free to explore!

She is so inquisitive about her surroundings when not being completely terrified her foster mama will leave her!

And…just for fun…a few outtakes!

Rufus telling Turk a hilarious joke… “and then SHE said, ‘always drink upstream from the pack.'” Turk: “BAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“Foster mama, are we done taking pretty photos yet?”

Rufus’ “how dare you take photos of me?” face…

Overall, it was quite the enjoyable afternoon! What do YOU like to do with your dogs on a day off?