For those of you who are new to the blog or missed the memo I sent out – my mom has some mad knitting skills! She knits adorable (washer/dryer safe) sweaters and turtlenecks for dogs – many of which have been modeled right here on our blog by Turk, Rufus, and Ginger…

Her doggy sweaters and turtlenecks have been getting love all over the blog-o-sphere as of late – being modeled by famous pooches such as Sir Chix-a-Lot (the “Chickster” as I lovingly call him), Stevie, and Lady Zee from Love and a Six-Foot Leash

Melanie, Nemo, and Heidi – the pittie posse from Twenty-Six to Life

Even the Facebook darling, Charlotte, took a break from her constant zoomies to pose (for a split second) in her sweater!

As you can see, my mom’s sweaters are becoming quite the hot ticket item for dog lovers! Many of you have emailed me to ask about getting sweaters for your own pups and were turned away – not because my mom doesn’t want each and every one of you to have a sweater – but because she was smack in the beginning of the school year (she teaches at my high school alma mater – Go Spartans!) and I knew that she couldn’t handle a bunch of sweater orders.

But now that things have settled down, she is officially ready to start taking orders! And just because my mom is awesome like that, she is going to donate 50% of all proceeds to various animal rescues and specific animals in need! But because my mom is SUPER AWESOME, she is donating ALL of the proceeds from the sweater sales to our foster girl, Ginger Rogers, until her fundraiser goal is met!

Prices for items are as follows:

  • Turtlenecks – $15 for custom turtleneck (your choice of colors)
  • Sweaters – $30 for custom sweaters (your choice of colors) +$5 extra for “Elderbull” front-button style or “Elderbelle” side-button style (Elderbull and elderbelle styles allow for older dogs to get sweaters on easier than a traditional sweater that requires legs to be bent to get a sweater on – Chick is modeling the Elderbull above and Zee is modeling the Elderbelle)

If you would like a sweater or turtleneck, here is how you can get one:

1. Email me at {} to get on the list – please indicate how many sweaters or turtlenecks you would like, the size of your dog (weight/breed), and what colors you would like the sweater to be. (If you want to match the sweater or turtleneck to your dog’s collar – please include a link to the collar or a photo of your dog in the collar, please!) Also, please include the address you would like your items sent to.

2. I will email you back to confirm your place on the list and when your turn is up, I will email you again to let you know that your sweaters are being started and what the expected ship date will be. At that time, I will also email an invoice via Paypal for the cost of the sweaters plus shipping. Payment in full is needed before your items will be shipped.

I know this is a bit different than if we had an Etsy shop, but since my mom is knitting all of the sweaters herself, the list is an easy way for her to manage the demand and for you to be in-the-loop as to the ETA for your doggie’s sweater or turtleneck.

So there it is! Buy one for your dog, your friends’ dog, your mom’s dog – Christmas is just around the corner, and nothing says “let’s get cozy” like a dog in a sweater! Besides, don’t you want to help this gorgeous girl get the medical care she desperately needs???