When my rescue informed me that they would be unable to cover the cost of Ginger’s ear procedure, dental cleaning, or the supply of supplements and ear cleaner I want to send along with Ginger’s future forever family, I didn’t blink for a second. I replied back, “No worries – my blog readers will come through for Ginger!”

I honestly didn’t know if any of you would be willing to donate to Ginger’s cause – our blog is teeny tiny and with all of the other dog blogs out there, I know you are hit up constantly to donate to this dog or that dog. But I also know that there is just something about Ginger that melts your heart. She is the consummate lady – always smiling despite her tough luck. I think that resonates with people. It’s impossible not to fall in love with her…so I wrote up yesterday’s post and hoped and prayed that someone would donate something…anything!

While I was fretting, Ginger just smiled at me in a way that I knew meant, “Don’t worry foster mama, your bloggy friends will take care of me!”

Of course – she was right! $310 was donated on Ginger’s Chipin page and another $60 in checks were added to the total – that’s 46% of our goal in less than 15 hours! Now I can schedule Ginger’s dental cleaning and purchase a month’s worth of supplements and a year’s worth of ear cleaning supplies without worrying how I will pay for it.

I have been so touched by your emails and comments on our blog and the Chipin page – one of our readers donated money for Ginger despite struggling for two years to find a job, several of my old friends from high school donated money even though we haven’t seen each other in almost 10 years, and Mr. B & Ms. M donated their treat money to help out Miss Ginger! I am in total awe of the support we’ve received!

So from the bottom of my heart – thank you! We still have another $430 to go to reach our goal but we are already so much further ahead than I thought we would be in this short of a time. Those of you who shared a link to our story or donated even $5.00 are heroes in my eyes and Ginger’s as well. She will sleep soundly tonight knowing that her faithful blog readers have her back.