Last week, I let you all know about Ginger’s precarious medical situation and several of you asked me how you could help.

So, here is the deal: Ginger definitely needs a dental cleaning (about $100-150) and I want to send her to her forever home with a one month supply of her glucosamine and probiotic supplements (approximately $40) and a year supply of her ear cleaner ($90) to make it easier on her new family. That puts us at $300 before we’ve even made a decision about her ear procedure.

My rescue is unable to afford any of Ginger’s procedures due to how much all of her vet visits have already cost – so it is entirely up to me to raise funds for her. I’d like to raise at least $300 to cover the dental, ear cleaner and supplements but I am hoping for $800 so I can get the ear procedure done (if needed) or put the extra into a “trust fund” for Ginger for future vet visits that she will surely have.

So here is where I ask you, my amazing readers, to help Miss Ginger get the medical care she needs and to help alleviate some costs for her future forever family. I don’t expect a lot, I understand that everyone is tight for money, but if each of you could help me just a little, I think I could get Ginger where she needs to be so she can move on to her “happily ever after.” Won’t you please help? Here is a link to her Chipin page.

Thank you so much for your support – whether it is financially or just keeping Ginger in your thoughts and prayers – all of it is greatly appreciated!