Have I mentioned before how nice it is to foster an elderbull? Ginger (like many elderdogs) is potty-trained, doesn’t chew on anything, is relatively mellow, and doesn’t need super long walks to be happy and healthy. Oh, and she loves to nap…like, more than any dog I’ve ever met. She’s a nappies extraordinaire!

Unlike puppies, elderdogs are generally past youthful hobbies such as chewing on your coffee table (or ottoman, as my friend Lisa knows all too well!), stealing your slippers, relieving themselves indoors, and begging you to play with them 23 hours out of the day. Given this, you would think everyone would want to adopt an elderdog, but unfortunately, that has not always been the case in the past.

Elderdogs have a hard time competing with cute puppies at the shelter and at adoption events, but luckily, elderdogs (especially elderbulls) have been getting quite a bit of attention recently.

The Stubby Dog Project proclaimed August “Elderbull Month” in honor of Sarge the Elderbull, an ambassadog for pitties and elderdogs alike, who passed away recently. ELDERBULLS even have their own Facebook page with over 2,800 followers and Lady Zee, a super sweet elderbull and fundraising aficionado, is generating lots of positive attention for elderbulls.

Even Joss Stone is fostering a gorgeous elderbull named Oprah while she’s recording a new album in New York!

Apparently, elderbull is the new black! I am so glad to see that elderdogs/elderbulls are being noticed for all of the desirable characteristics they bring to the adoption table!

In honor of elderdogs (especially elderbulls) everywhere, I am going to dedicate this week on the blog to elderdogs. I am planning several posts regarding elderdog nutrition, vet care, exercise, and finally, on Friday, I will be making a special announcement.

Please join me this week in honoring elderbulls!

Photo of puppy from petmd.com, photo of Oprah from petfinder.com and photo of Lady Zee from Love & a Six-Foot Leash.