I know this blog has become pretty dog-centric lately, but since this it was started mainly as a way for our family to see our home handiwork, I thought I’d share the work Daniel and I did on the grandkids’ room at my parents’ house this summer. I forgot to take any “before” photos, but to give you an idea, it started out looking much like my old bedroom:

Dingy blue paint and crappy old furniture…in other words, nowhere to go but up! We started by re-painting the room a nice base color: Behr Dolphin Fin. This way, even after my parents no longer need a room for the grandkids, they will easily be able to change out the accessories and bedspread and turn it into a regular guest room. My mom got in on the painting action this time.

Once the walls and trim were painted, the fun part started…that is, picking out the lamp, bedspread, chair, curtains, and picture frames for the gallery wall. Check it out…

The bedspread is from West Elm, curtains from IKEA, curtain rod from Home Depot, and the slipper chair & throw pillows are from Target.

All of the photo frames are from the Target Restyle Collection except for the large frame in the middle, which is also from Target but it is for displaying children’s art. We filled the frames with a bunch of photos of our family and Elise drew a picture for the art frame.

These flower photos are actually cell phone photos I took with my Android at Kauffman Memorial Gardens. I thought they totally went with the bright, fun look we were going for. We also took the closet doors off and replaced them with heavy duty curtains that are pretty stain resistant (since you never know where those little hands have been).

So far the grandkids really like it and my mom really likes it, too! Mission accomplished!

We’re not planning on keeping the large dresser in there – we’re still on the lookout for a smaller, vintage dresser that we can paint white to match the bed frame. Until then, we’ll consider this room DONE!

Next up: my parent’s bedroom. Maybe over Thanksgiving break?