This weekend was full of ups and downs: a trip to Lincoln, visiting with a dear friend, getting our new car towed, watching a Husker game, and the return of a beautiful, red-headed elderbull… so let’s start at the beginning.

We went home to Lincoln for my mom’s and the twins’ birthdays…at the family birthday dinner, us kids presented my mom with her present…a new dining room light! This was what she had before… boring and old-fashioned… not the look we were going for in our ongoing renovation…

It went from the old-timey chandelier to a modern, burlap pendant

Oh, and as some of you may have noticed, Daniel & I gave my mom an extra little present by painting her dining room table. It went from this:

to this…

Not too shabby, right? My mom is pretty excited about it.

After we finished working on the table and changed out the light, we met up with my old bestie Kara downtown to watch the Husker game and wander around the campus.

After much carousing during the game, we were super bummed to find our car towed when we went to our parking spot to retrieve it. Apparently, the bridge we parked under (along with hundreds of other cars) was private property. Maybe it was owned by trolls? I don’t know… but $131 later and an hour later, we got our car back. Super annoying.

Oh, and like I said, one gorgeous red-headed elderbull moved back into Casa Hawkins…yep, that’s right. I am sad to report that Ginger Rogers is officially back to with us… her adoption didn’t work out. No big story here, it just wasn’t the right fit and I’m appreciative that Elizabeth recognized that the best thing for Ginger was to return her to back to her foster mama. For all Ginger knows, she just went on a little vacation and now she is sleeping soundly next to me as a write this…

I took her for a follow-up vet visit to check on her ears and learned that Ginger is actually much closer to 8-10 years old than 4 or 5. She is a bonafide elderbull! We also learned some not-so-great health news…so I’m actually glad she was returned to me so we can deal with her issues before adopting her out again.