Those of you who saw my cryptic Facebook message on Sunday probably knew this was coming…

Well, as most of you guessed… Miss Ginger Rogers was adopted!

Her new mama is Elizabeth, a nursing student at the school where I teach. After seeing Ginger’s ballerina outfit on Petfinder, Elizabeth just had to meet Ginger. After spending an hour with Ginger at Petsmart while the paperwork was filled out, Elizabeth was further convinced…Ginger was her One.

I spoke with Elizabeth on Monday and she told me Ginger is doing really well at her new home! She said that Ginger follows her around everywhere and that, although Ginger is a bed hog, she really likes how cuddly she is!

I am pretty sad right now…I miss Ginger a lot but I am so happy that she found her forever home! To think that 2 months ago, Ginger was just 48 hours from being put down…she’s come such a long way!

Congrats to you, Ginger Rogers! I’ll miss your sweet face, monster paws, loud snores, goofy pittie smiles, and the way you’d lean on me and snuggle up to me on the couch. You are such a good girl and deserve the best life! I love you, baby girl!