Daniel here!

As today is the first Husker game of the season, I’m reminded what an uber-fan my wife really is.

A couple weeks ago Emily had a great idea for a little DIY yard ornament. We cleaned out a bunch of rock and debris from the side of our garage and found a large chunk of cement. Emily’s idea was to make it into a Husker “N” for our front yard. Her idea was just to paint it, but I thought we might make it a little cooler by carving it using my off-brand Dremel tool. I decided to start simply since I wasn’t sure exactly how hard it would be to grind away the cement.

After burning through about 3 of the wrong bits for the job, I decided to just do a nice little outline.

n rock first step
The cement already had some greenish paint on it so the next step was to paint the whole thing white.

n step 2
Then I used the same stencil that I used to trace a line for the carving to mask of the center of the N for the red paint.

Once it dried, I removed the stencil and just like that, we had a nice piece for our yard and saved about $100 in the process.

Total cost – about $5 for the paint. Go Big Red!

What team do YOU root for?

N final product