Well, it was almost 2 weeks ago that we started our little mini-fundraiser for Charlotte…with your donations and some help from sales of the pittie art, Charlotte reached her goal for her vet bills! In honor of Charlotte meeting her goal, I asked a few of the people who bought the pittie piece to send me a note about the pittie in their life.

Without further adieu, let’s start with Lindsay, who along with Laura, organized Charlotte’s Chipin fundraiser…

When my friend Laura found Charlotte, showed me her picture and told me her vet bill would be at least $2000, I cried. I didn’t know what to do.

So I started a Facebook page and emailed everyone I knew. Laura found Charlotte a great vet and called the news.

As days and weeks passed, donations and support grew and I started to be amazed at this little pittie that had captured so many hearts. We held a bake/yard sale which was featured on two different news stations, one the night before and the other the day of. One man drove up, got out of a beat up pick up truck and told me “I don’t have much but I saw that dog on the news and wanted to help.” He handed me a crumpled up dollar bill and a handful of change.” I cried because he had been so moved by Charlotte that he drove some number of miles to give me $2.27.

Charlotte is healthy and currently staying at our house until she is adopted. I hope she finds a wonderful family who loves her for many years to come.

I was so touched that Kevin decided to donate a portion of the proceeds to Charlotte’s care. So this art work means a lot to me. There are a lot of neglected and abandoned and mistreated animals in the world and that is terrible indeed. But for Charlotte, so many people came together to help her. People from all over the world sent money and care packages. I am hopeful that in years to come, I will see my pittie piece and smile. Not just for Charlotte, but for all the love and goodness that came together to save her and give her the life she deserves. The life every dog deserves.

Here is Charlotte posing with one of the commissioned pittie pieces. Doesn’t she look stunning? I love seeing the fur regrowth…slowly but surely, she’s getting better!

And here is Lindsay’s pittie, Colt, who was originally her foster but burrowed his way into her heart and became a permanent part of her family. Thanks so much to Lindsay for providing these photos and sharing why this pittie piece means so much to her!

If you bought one of Kevin Stinehart’s pit bull pieces and would like to be featured on my blog, please shoot me an email at {ourwaldobungie@gmail.com} and tell me who you think of when you look at it and send me a photo of you and your pittie!