Can I let you in on a little secret? Ginger Rogers was NOT a good leash walker when I brought her home to foster in July.

Adorable? Yes! Super sweet? Of course! Good leash walker? Um…

I don’t know if it was living on the streets or something else that made Ginger bob and weave and pull me all over the place on our first few walks as foster pittie and foster mama, but let me tell you, I was NOT having it! It felt like I had a 62 pound mountain lion on a leash…not fun.

We’ve had great luck overcoming Turk’s less-than-stellar leash manners by dutifully using the Premier Easy Walk Harness so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it with Ginger as well. Unlike typical halter harnesses, the Easy Walk has loops in the front where the collar is attached so as soon as your dog pulls, it will tighten around the front legs. Instant correction that isn’t painful to your dog!

What a difference a harness makes! Almost immediately, our walks went from a crazy, stressful trek to a relaxing training/bonding time for myself and Ginger. Turk has been doing a good job of showing Ginger how to work the harness, too…

Now, a word of caution…although the harness improved Ginger’s walking behavior by leaps and bounds, it is not the total answer. I am still working with her on what is appropriate and what is not.

I love this harness so much and plan on using it with all of our future fosters to make the walk an enjoyable experience for everyone. Now, Ginger comes barreling through the house when she hears me get out the basket that holds her harness. I’d say that was a ringing endorsement for it, don’t you think??

did not ask me to promote/endorse this product in any way … they have no idea who I am! This is just one pittie owner telling my pittie owning friends what a great product this is…