Those of you who have been following my blog for awhile know how much I adore Love and a Six-Foot Leash. Alex’s mission to change perceptions about pit bulls, one dog at a time, has been an inspiration to me and many of her other readers. Her most recent foster, Stevie Wonder, is currently off to live with her new forever family and you didn’t honestly think Alex was going to wait very long before finding a new pittie to save, did you??

Of course not! Introducing Lady Zabora!

This gorgeous girl has seen a lot in her 8 years on this earth. Despite looking a little worse for wear, she has the sweetest eyes and a darling nature. Here’s some more information about her…

Lady Zabora is an Elderbull. At the age of eight, she suddenly found herself homeless after her owner was incarcerated and left her in the care of a cousin, whose landlord said no way. Just like many dogs do, Lady Z found herself at the county shelter. She has plenty of spark and energy, but maybe not enough to compete with the puppies and other youngsters vying for attention in neighboring kennels. Zabora sat in the shelter, forgotten. At eight years old Zabora is not old, but if she is going to live to see a truly ripe old age, it is going to take a village to save her.

Zabora is now safe in a temporary foster home, where she can stay for a week. She has been spayed on credit, and needs a series of routine tests, vaccines, and medicines to make sure she is as healthy and happy as possible. She has mild arthritis, treatable conjunctivitis, and a slight balance problem that is hardly noticeable but makes her bumble a little bit from time to time.
We have found a rescue to accept her, but on the condition that we will foster her and raise funds for her medical care independently. In order for her to thrive and be adopted, we need to raise funds to cover her spay, her arthritis meds, her eye meds, an evaluation of her neurological condition, her vaccines, and her routine testing. In addition, we would like to save a little “trust fund” to pass along to her future adopter’s vet clinic to help out with routine care, as a little ‘thank you’ for adopting an Elderbull.
So here’s the deal – Zabora needs your help! Even $5 (the cost of one lunch out) will make a difference! Head on over to her Chip-in page to donate some cash for her care, and if you haven’t already, start following Love and a Six-Foot Leash to learn more about Zabora! You know you want to…I know I do!

* All photos and information regarding Zabora courtesy of Love and a Six-Foot Leash *