Two Pitties in the City has said before that dog rescue is a lot like dating. For example, Petfinder is a lot like an online dating site and adoption events are like speed dating. Because there are so many other dogs to compete with for attention, you have to dress up to attract potential suitors. Ginger has learned this all too well…after almost 6 weeks with little to no attention at the adoption events, we decided to doll her up up a bit to increase her chances of finding her One.

I found an adorable 2t tutu at Target for $6.99 and her “collar” is actually a toddler headband, also from Target ($3.99)! Turk completely approved of her outfit – anything to get her adopted and out of his hair!

Once we got to the adoption event, one of the Petsmart managers insisted we add a pair of cute fairy wings ($5.99) to complete Ginger’s look.

The response at the adoption event was INSANE! I had barely walked two feet into the store and Ginger was already swarmed with little kids wanting to pet her. A very sweet couple even talked to me for quite awhile and mentioned that they had several friends who were interested in adopting their own pit bulls after meeting their two rescued pitties. They took a card with Ginger’s info and promised me they would do their best to spread the word about her. People like them give me hope that Ginger’s forever home is out there!

Many asked me why I dressed up a boy dog like a ballerina. Because pit bulls can ONLY be boys. This is how Ginger felt about people mistaking her for a boy…

So we learned our lesson: cute outfits make Ginger one popular pittie princess! We’ll continue to dress her up from now own to help her stand out from all the yappy puppies that seem to get all the attention!

What do you do to make your dogs (foster or forever pup) stand out?