So, the crate training stopped last night…there was a terrible thunderstorm and Ginger was a complete mess while she was in the crate. Once I gave in and let her out to sleep on the couch, she slept like a baby in her Thunder Shirt. Ginger doesn’t have an issue with chewing or anything so this is going to be her sleeping arrangement from now on…

As they say, we gave it the old college try and crating Ginger at night just didn’t work. She worked herself into a panic no matter what we tried (Thunder Shirt, crating in our bedroom, giving her high value treats, etc). She seems to do okay during the daytime so we’ll continue to crate her then but we’re putting the kibosh on the crate at night.

I feel like a failure but I’m so sleep deprived that honestly, I don’t even care.

We’ll continue to try out the Thunder Shirt to see if it works in other high stress situations but it doesn’t seem to work for night crating. I’ll keep you updated…

In other news, this is the first week I’ve blogged every day! This was one of my goals so I am super excited to have completed it!

Have a wonderful weekend and wish Miss Ginger luck as she heads to another adoption event on Saturday – she’s going to wear a tutu this time so we’re hoping that gets her some attention (sometimes it’s tough to get any attention when there are puppies EVERYWHERE)!