Remember at the beginning of the summer when I was worried that we were heading towards a full-on garden failure? Well, I was right…unfortunately.

Our garden box is now completely empty – with the 115 degree heat and little rain all summer, only our tomatoes survived and then they were stolen by the maniacal squirrels that inhabit our backyard. Even the tomato plant on our deck died after the squirrels broke the stalks that held it together…I ended up putting a little Trader Joe’s lavender plant in that pot because I couldn’t bear the thought of it being empty.

Our yellow squash, teeny zucchini and baby watermelon were destroyed by some sort of beetle who finds joy in crushing my dreams of grilled veggies and watermelon slushies…it went from this…

To this…

Boo to beetles, I say! The only vegetable left standing after this hotter than Hades summer is our pepper plant, although not one pepper has developed on it yet. So my goal of having a larger, successful garden is not going to happen this summer…maybe next year?

My gardening partner Turk is very disappointed in our garden…time to put away the trowel until next year, my friend.