Dear Ginger’s Future Forever Family,

I can’t wait to meet you – I know Ginger is looking forward to it, too! She hopes you think she’s as perfect as her foster mama thinks she is!

She hopes you appreciate her beautiful “monster paws.”

She hopes you’re okay with marathon cuddling sessions on the couch because that’s pretty much her favorite thing.

She can’t wait to show you all the tricks she learned … especially catching treats in the air!

She promises that she’ll be gentle with little children and playful with other dogs (just as long as it’s not a cat!)

She hopes you have a sense of humor, because she loves to make people laugh, especially her foster mama.

She’s waiting patiently for you – she knows you’re out there…and she can’t wait to meet you.


Emily (foster mama) and Ginger (foster girl)

Does Ginger sound like your kind of girl? Please contact HAHS to arrange a meeting!

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