Well, really, it should be the Writer’s Couch. The Hand-Me-Down-1980s-Pottery Barn-faded-denim Writer’s Couch.

I am in the last 24 hours of writing my Thesis Proposal for school…which means, I am glued to our couch reading last minute articles and typing furiously.

Ginger has been sure to let me know how she feels about my lack of Ginger-related activity…

Doesn’t she look boooooooooored?! I’ve tried to explain to her the importance of my thesis and how it will rock the world of marriage communication and media influence forever…but alas, she’s not interested.

Even Turk and Rufus would rather watch concrete set (literally) than hear me babble on about cultivation theory.

Due to a water main break, our neighbors had their driveway ripped up and now the city is replacing it – this is more interesting to my dog children than my thesis work. Typical.

So that’s my life for the next 24 hours…sandwiched by dogs on a faded denim couch, resisting every urge in my body to get on Facebook and a troll a certain celebrity gossip site. As any hipster on the street (or on their blog) would say, “le sigh.” Back to work!