We’ve had Ginger for almost two weeks now, and while she still spends most of her time like this…

When she is awake, facets of her personality are definitely starting to come out…and boy, does she have personality! Let me give you a few examples…

1. Her “can I has more treats face?” This girl lurrrrrves her treats.

She knows in this house that you have to work for your treats – no freebies. So she already has “sit” down cold, and we’re working on “down,” “wait” and Daniel is trying to get her to “shake.” I am also working on getting her to take treats nicely (she has a bit of shark mouth when it comes to the treats).

2. She seems to think she is a mountain lion, sitting proudly like this:

3. She is a total nerd…

What kind of dog sticks their tongue out in photos? She’s such a dork.

And the final aspect of her personality that we’ve discovered?

4. She’s a girlie girl…and a total diva:

In addition to sitting patiently while I clean her ears, give her a bath, or spritz her with freshen-up spray, she is also extremely concerned about what information I put on the blog about her. She’s sitting next to me as I type this and I can tell you right now, she’s not pleased that I am posting nerdy photos of her. In fact, this is the look she’s giving me right now:

Like I said, loads of personality. I’m loving it!

If Ginger seems like your kind of girl, please contact HAHS to arrange a meeting with her!

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