My mom is awesome – let’s just get that out of the way … and she knits a mile a minute.

On the phone the other day, we were discussing how rough the winters are for the dogs and I was lamenting that no dog clothes really fit Turk and Rufus. I mentioned that neck warmers would be amazing for the winters when it gets cold. Yes, I know it sounds weird, but I really do think it will help. Plus, it would be super cute.

I kind of forgot about it until I got a call from my mom today letting me know that she made a neck warmer for Rufus. Then she sent me this photo of her pup, Lafayette, modeling it. I die.

She also sent me another photo of Napoleon, her Brittany Spaniel, modeling Turk’s turtleneck. I died all over again.

Is it not the cutest thing?! I know we’d probably pop the collars a bit to keep it hip cuz that’s how we roll.

Knowing my mom, she’ll have 15 made by the time I go back to visit at the end of July. That’s just how my mom is...totally awesome. Now, I have a few other ideas in mind for her to make…like this skull & crossbones sweater:

or maybe just this cute, preppy fall hoodie:

I am seriously dying. the. death. Not even kidding. Oh, the possibilities!!!

What kind of clothes would YOU want knitted for your dog babies??

Skull & Crossbones sweater and Gray Hoodie sweater images from