Recently we had to take Emily’s car in for a recall notice. The recall ended up not affecting her car, but “shockingly” they found several other things that they wanted to take care of for us.

One item on their was buffing out her “foggy” headlights. While it’s true that one look at the lights could convince anyone that they weren’t in good shape, I was pretty sure I could do better than the $50 they wanted to charge.

Headlight as it was.

At Target we saw one of the “as seen on TV” products: Fast Brite – Auto Headlight Restorer Kit. I figured for $9.99 it was worth a shot.

It’s a simple 3-step process, but I learned right away that there should be a 4th – clean the headlights before you start! I didn’t on the first headlight and my sponge was immediately filled with gunk.

Headlight after basic cleaning.

The next step was to put some of the polishing liquid on the sponge and rub in tiny circles. Here’s where I think it’s really up to you how good the final product looks – if you continue to add more liquid and buff in tiny circles until your arm feels like it might fall off, then I think you will get a very nice end result. Because I like my arms to remain attached to my body, I buffed each headlight for only 3 minutes and it still came out pretty well.

Headlight after polish was applied.

The next step is to apply the protecting liquid generously. This cleaned up some of the polishing paste and gave the lenses a clean, almost wet look.

Headlight with protecting liquid - still wet.

While that’s a really good looking lens, as the protecting liquid dries, it becomes a bit dull. The directions said to buff it with a clean cloth. That helped a little but still not quite as good as it looked while it was still wet.

Headlight - Final product.

Pros – Definite improvement in the fogginess of the lenses. Cheap.

Cons – Though the box says “No Buffing or Sanding” step number 2 (part 3) says “buff with a clean dry cloth.” Also, the end result depends on how long you can make your arm move in “tiny circles.”

Actual Before & After

I’m sure I could work on it some more and get it looking even better, but for about 10 minutes and 10 bucks, I’m pretty happy with the product.