Tuesday morning was a big day for Miss Ginger Rogers – she spent the day with the vet!

We weren’t sure if Ginger was spayed or not, so we made an appointment for her to be checked out. I also noticed that she seemed to have a bit of trouble with stairs and her walk seemed a little bit ‘off’ so I got the okay from HAHS to have X-Rays done to make sure there was nothing wrong.

A few hours later, the vet called to say that Ginger didn’t need to be spayed – because she already was! Hooray! Her X-Rays, on the other hand, did show that she’s dealing with a mild case of hip dysplasia and a bit of arthritis. While this isn’t wonderful news, there are lots of things we can do to help Miss Ginger lead a healthy and productive life!

We’ve had Turk and Rufus on a healthy, all-natural diet for years (Nature’s Variety Prairie kibble) and we are doing the same with Ginger. We also started her on a regiment of PlaqueOff to clean her teeth (Rufus and Turk get compliments from the vet on their sparkling white teeth so we swear by this stuff!). A tablespoon of fish oil in the kibble once a day not only keeps their skin and coats healthy, but also supports heart, vision, and joint health. In addition to the fish oil, Miss Ginger also gets a couple of Glucosamine & Chondroitin chews to treat her arthritis. The vet believes that Ginger will also benefit from regular (short) walks to help keep her strong and maintain her muscle mass.

The vet is confident that this regiment will make Ginger healthier and ensure she leads a long, active, and happy life.

While you might think we spend a lot of money to keep our dogs healthy, I assure you, we really don’t. While our dog food is a bit pricier (about $50 for a 30 lb bag – which lasts us about one month), we rarely have to take our dogs to the vet. Besides annual check-ups, we really don’t see our vet that often because Turk and Rufus never. get. sick! I completely attribute this to our investment in their diet. I would much rather pay a bit more for food if it means I don’t have to spend as much at the vet.

Dog health is definitely a topic that piques my interest – Two Pitties posted about senior dog health a few days ago and got me thinking about this … what do you do to keep your dogs healthy??

If Ginger seems like your kind of girl…give HAHS a call to arrange a meeting!

** On a side note – in honor of my French mama I wanted to wish all you other Frenchies out there a Happy Bastille Day! **