I noticed awhile ago that Turk’s dog bed was looking pretty awful …

Over the years, it has become lumpy and now the padding is thinning. The worst part though is that you. can’t. wash. it. Seriously, a dog bed you can’t throw in the washing machine?? Ugh.

When we were in Portland, I stopped by this cute little pet boutique and instantly fell in love with the Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet.

Here is the cool thing about the dog duvet – you can use it to cover your old dog bed or you can take any old clothes/blankets/pillows you have lying around and fill the duvet with them! If the bed gets dirty for any reason, you can just slip the duvet off and throw it in the washer! It’s 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, fully-zippered, extremely durable and best of all, it comes in a bunch of sizes and patterns!

I bought the Wildcat duvet in medium/large ($35) from that little boutique and set it up for Turk as soon as we got back from Portland.

I started with an old foam mattress pad for the base:

Turk was satisfied with the foam alone – he almost didn’t let me finish filling it!

After some convincing, Turk let me finish filling his duvet with some old pillows we had lying around. Two standard pillows were just the right size:

Once the duvet was filled, Turk decided to test it out by immediately taking a nap:

I think the snoring was an indicator that he approved of the bed. He most certainly did not approve of me taking close-ups of him though (especially with the flash) …

So the moral of this story is … check out Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvets! They are affordable, stylish, and best of all … practical!

(Second image via Daily Grommet)