Who doesn’t love snow cones?!

Snow cones are a summer favorite of many, though I admit I hadn’t had one in years…until a few weekends ago.

While dragging Turk, Rufus and Daniel all over town for our guest post on Two Pitties in the City, we happened upon the Fresher Than Fresh snow cone trailer.

We’ve had this place on our radar for awhile and had been meaning to try it, so we were psyched that we just happened to be on the west side when it was open.

We totally loved the two girls running the show that day…so nice and helpful!

They walked us through the different all-natural, gourmet flavors and even let us try some samples to make sure we’d like our choices.

I chose the Blackberry Lavender…delicious!

Daniel went a little more bold with the Ruby Red Grapefruit Rosemary…

The FTF trailer parks next to this cute little corner park on the west side, so we stopped for awhile to eat our treats there. Turk and Rufus were just glad to lay out in the grass and relax…

This was such a fun little afternoon activity! The girls were so nice and they had seriously interesting flavor combos for their frozen treats – not your typical grape/cherry/lemon business!

The Fresher Than Fresh trailer has a few usual spots they can be found in the summer:

* Every Wednesday at the Waldo Farmers Market on 79th & Wornall. (Right near us – yay!)
* Every Sunday next to the garden on 17th & Summit.
* Every first Friday in front of Hammerpress. (they also sell freezie pops at the Hammerpress store Monday-Friday…yum!)

Seriously, doesn’t this picture make you want to run out and get a snow cone right this second????

I’m not gonna lie – since our first visit, we’ve been back every weekend and once at the Waldo Farmers Market – and now we’ve tried watermelon, orange jasmine, and lemon prickly pear….each of them just as delicious as the one before it! Try it. NOW!