For those of you who don’t care about our trip to Portland – I promise you there are only a few posts left!

To those of you who do care…let’s talk about day four, shall we?

We started out day four at the Saturday Market, where merchants sell handmade crafts, art, etc. and vendors sell yummy food – especially variations of the “elephant ear,” a flat, fried piece of dough covered in cinnamon and sugar, or chocolate and bananas, or, my personal favorite – cream cheese, chocolate and strawberries. Daniel and I only ate the cinnamon and sugar one but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t consider ordering the cream cheese-y chocolate goodness. Here is Daniel reluctantly posing with our treat:

Delish! After eating our treatsa (that’s for you Jo, because I know you hate that word!), we wandered around taking in the sights and sounds of the market:

We listened to the hipster kids (which I am telling you, were EVERYWHERE!) play their accordions for awhile – they honestly were pretty good. If we had been in a movie, Daniel would have asked me to dance and then everyone would have started to do a choreographed dance around us and Jennifer Lopez would have fallen in love with Matthew McConaughey.

One of the things I noticed about the market was how almost everyone there brought their dog:

We kept seeing one particular dog and his owner throughout our trip:

We saw this little black puppy all over Portland…his owner is pretty young and appeared to be homeless. We saw him sneaking on to the MAX line with his pup, then saw them again sleeping on the sidewalk near the Skidmore MAX stop, and then again at the market. Here’s the owner with his pooch:

Daniel poked fun at me a little because I was very concerned about all of the dogs I noticed with homeless people. I kept asking Daniel, “Do you think they take them to the vet? Do you think the dogs get enough to eat? I wonder if they have toys to play with.” I don’t know why, but homeless doggies just tug at my soul. I felt bad for the kid also – don’t get me wrong. But that dog??? Oh man, I was Wompers McGuinter (again, for you Joanna) whenever I saw those two.

Anyways, enough of the sad talk…let’s see my #1 favorite sight of the market:

Seriously, check out this guy and his kitty! That dude doesn’t mess around! And that kitty……oh man. Here’s a close-up of kitty’s face:

Best. face. ever. As Rachel Zoe would say, I die.

Okay, enough Saturday Market fun…on to our ROAD TRIP!

We rented a car for two days of our trip to see a little bit of the Pacific Northwest besides Portland (and sneak into Washington just for a second to cross another goal off our list!)

Here is Daniel with the rental car doing his best impression of a car advertisement:

So adorable, right? Daniel and his blue Ford Focus.

We decided to visit the coast first, starting in Astoria, where The Goonies and Kindergarten Cop were filmed. Several other film were done there, but Daniel was excited about Goonies and I was excited about K.C. I am pretty sure I yelled “Dominic! Get down from the tower!” about a thousand times during our few hours there.

Also located in Astoria is the Columbia River Maritime Museum. We didn’t actually have time to visit the museum itself so these pictures from the outside had to suffice:

Oh, and since my dad is a former Navy officer, I had to do a little salute for him…

We also checked out the Astoria Column, located on the top of a hill with a gorgeous view of the mouth of the river.

Please forgive the awful cell phone photo, but it was kind of foggy when we first got there. The column was built in 1926 to commemorate the westward expansion. It has this beautiful mural that runs up and around the entire column, and you can take stairs inside to a viewing deck at the top. I stayed safely on the ground while Daniel went up to take some photos of the view.

It was really beautiful, but since we had lots of other things to see, we ate a late lunch and then hopped in the car and headed down the coast to Seaside. It is a beachy resort town with beautiful views of the ocean, so we headed to the promenade so we could take a couple beach photos.

We also hit up Cannon Beach, Nehalem and Tillamook before heading back to Portland. Let me tell you, there is just nothing better than driving down Pacific Coast Highway…can I get an Amen?