On day three, we made a trip to the beautiful Washington Park to check it out.

Rather than wait for the bus at the bottom of the hill to the park, we decided we could walk it … big mistake.

This was my face when we finally made it to the top:

Don’t I just look super thrilled? That’s my “I didn’t sign up to do a stairclimber for my whole vacation” face. Also, I look a little confused. Not sure about what though. Probably pondering the finer intricacies of the universe…because you know, that’s what I do after climbing hills.

Anyways…after catching our breath, we happened upon the Holocaust Memorial and let me just tell you, it blew me away.

The memorial is located in this quiet little spot in the trees and it is just so serene and beautiful…and haunting. On the cobblestone path leading to the memorial, there are little cast iron replicas of items that would have been found in the Jewish ghettos or that were taken from concentration camp prisoners upon arrival.

It was seriously so beautiful. It took my breath away.

After the memorial, we headed up to the International Rose Test Garden but there were no roses in bloom (seriously!), so we kept on moving to the Japanese Garden.

While the garden was absolutely beautiful, my favorite thing was the view of Portland:

Seriously, that view is reason enough to move to Portland!! After the gardens, we took a bus up to the Oregon zoo (which is right smack dab in the middle of the forest) and ate a sack lunch outside. It was so beautiful…I feel like I keep saying things were “beautiful” but they seriously were!

That evening we went to see Bridesmaids (hilarious!) and our way home we were beginning to feel like we really belonged in Portland…