On our second day of vacation, we were happy to wake up to the sun streaking through the window. After eating a quick breakfast at the house, we decided that that a second breakfast would be a good idea. So off to Voodoo Doughnut we went:

Because we love Anthony Bourdain, we took his advice and tried two of their more famous doughnuts, the ODB and the bacon maple bar. I know a doughnut with bacon on it sounds weird but it was delish!

We definitely made some fat kid faces as we chowed down…

After eating our doughnuts, we hopped on the bus and took a tour of our…..new house!

Ha ha. Yeah right. This house is actually the Pittock Mansion – which is the former home of the founder of the Oregonian newspaper.

We were not too happy when the bus dropped us off at the base of the hill that leads to the mansion.

After trodding uphill about two miles, we finally made it.

Don’t let that photo fool you. I had spent a good 15 minutes catching my breath with Daniel on a bench before snapping it.

The view from the mansion was so amazing – with sweeping views of Portland with Mount Hood in the distance – we could see why Mr. Pittock wanted to build his dream house here.

We loved it at Pittock Mansion. It was totally beautiful and the weather was phenomenal. But we knew we’d have to eventually trek back down to the bus, so after wandering the grounds, we headed back down to reality…

On our walk back down from the mansion, I took about a million photos of all of the moss because it was just. so. beautiful.

Seriously, it was just stupid beautiful.

After Pittock Mansion, we hit up Urban Outfitters in northeast Portland on Twenty-Third Street (a.k.a. “Trendy Third”) because Daniel wanted new shoes. After getting a new pair of Van’s on sale for $9.99(!), we headed over to McMenamins Ram’s Head for a late lunch.

Apparently the McMenamins chains are pretty popular in Portland and are known for their restaurants that are usually built in interesting buildings (like one that was built inside an old elementary school). We got a recommendation for this restaurant and were pretty unimpressed. The food was fine but the service was awful (we had an uber-hipstery waitress who seemed mad at us for ordering lunch).

After lunch we wandered around the “Trendy Third” area for a couple hours and then headed back to our house.

We decided to order Sparky’s Pizza for dinner, which had a location right around the block from our house. Unfortunately, we called in our order to the wrong location!! We were told that the other location was just “6 minutes up the street” but they didn’t realize that we. were. walking. 20 minutes of walking later, we were still not to the other location and Sparky’s was closing in 10 minutes. Also, we were not exactly in a good area of town. We finally thought to call the other location and they told us that we were still pretty far away and to just head back to the location by our house and they would call our order back over there.

So that’s when Daniel and I ran back to the first location as fast as we could. That pizza sure did taste really good. We were so hungry we didn’t even think to take a photo of it. But trust us, it was good.