We’ve been back from Portland for about a week now, so I figured it’s about time to start posting some pictures. I had big intentions to post everyday from the day we got home but as usual, we got busy and then had a friend in town so I wasn’t able to be as on top of things as I had planned.

Anyways, once we got unpacked at our super cute rental house, we ventured out into the rain to Russell Street Bar-B-Que for our first Portland dinner. Now, I know you might be wondering why Kansas Citians like us would bother eating BBQ anywhere but in our hometown. Well, we were planning on eating Toro Bravo but it wasn’t open yet and we were starved. Plus, it was pouring rain and we were sharing our tiny umbrella…so BBQ it was:

It actually was pretty good. We shared a plate of pulled pork with a side of fries and macaroni & cheese. They even had super yummy ranch dressing for me to dip my fries in. The mac & cheese was so-so but the pulled pork was delish. It doesn’t compare to Jack Stack or Oklahoma Joe’s in KC but for the west coast, we were pretty impressed.

After dinner we attempted to find Voodoo Doughnuts for dessert but instead got very lost after hopping on the wrong bus and took a bit of a tour of southwest Portland. Once we got our bearings, we headed back to northwest Portland to go to Trader Joe’s for some groceries. Once we had our groceries, we hightailed it back to the house and collapsed into bed.

We knew we had a big day ahead of us on Day two…