Daniel and I went to Portland for our 3rd anniversary this month. Why Portland? Well, I got it into my head years ago that we should move there and have been hounding Daniel about it since then. Being pragmatic, as usual, he suggested that maybe we should visit Portland before we move ourselves somewhere neither of us had ever been.

We flew into Portland on a rainy Wednesday and made our way to our rental house using the MAX line (light rail). We walked a couple blocks in the rain to our rental and collapsed, soaked and exhausted, onto the porch to wait for the house manager to arrive.

Adrienne (the house manager) arrived shortly after us and showed us around our new weeklong home. It was adorable! Art everywhere! A cozy bed! A full kitchen (with Le Creuset cookware)! A beautiful back porch with views of downtown Portland! What more could we ask for?

We made a trip to Trader Joe’s almost immediately (as you can see from the stash on the counter) after arriving to get some of our favorite foods for the week (mainly chocolate croissants). Also, look at all that counter space! I was so psyched!

Check out that map on the wall! And that chair! The clocks! Seriously, whoever decorated this place should be my best friend. I. love. their. style. So fun, eclectic, a little silly. Perfect.

Isn’t this desk amazing?! This is how I hope people will react to my mom’s desk once we get it painted. Plus, I love that they totally made use of this weird, narrow space. Perfection. Oh, and did I mention all of the art packed into this house??

The view from the backyard was pretty cool, too.

We found our rental house through homeaway.com and highly recommend it! We had a great experience and it gave us the opportunity to live like the locals and blend in to our environment.