We just got back from a quick trip to Colorado for Mother’s Day!

Nate and Deanna road tripped with us (as in, Daniel, Turk, Rufus, and myself) to Pueblo in their Honda Fit. Yes, that’s right. Four adults + two dogs inside of a Honda Fit! We were stuffed to the gills in there but surprisingly, it wasn’t too cramped.

You’ll have to forgive my weird pictures. I got my first smart phone last week and have been obsessed with the Retro Camera application. I’ve been taking pictures with it constantly. Daniel and the dogs have been getting a bit annoyed with me, as you can see from Daniel’s face above.

The trip was quick but totally worth it to be able to spend time with Daniel’s family, especially this one:

Daniel’s niece Autumn is so sweet and fun – we try to spend as much time with her as possible when we’re in Colorado since she grows so much between each trip! This time we were able to go with her to the park, where I got some pretty adorable photos of Uncle Daniel and Autumn:

Doesn’t that just melt your heart?! Love love love love love it!