This weekend involved a lot of this:

Daniel has been getting his Harry Potter on all weekend, first finishing Order of the Phoenix and moving on to Half-Blood Prince at breakneck speeds.

Seriously, he is like a speed reader!

I, on the other hand, have been working diligently on a paper for my Qualitative Research Methods class all weekend (and never once getting up to find things to distract me…ever). Rufus has been proof-reading my work and it’s really been a productive partnership.

The only time I left my computer’s side was for this teeny tiny 10 minute project:

I wanted to hang these lanterns that my brother Jason got me a million years ago that I hadn’t hung for one reason or another and I’d finally had it and decided that in the middle of my sixth page of writing that it just. had. to. be. done. right. now. Daniel was suffering from some neck pain and wasn’t able to do the work himself so instead he positioned himself as project manager/capturer of the one and only time I’ve held a drill. He very much enjoyed his job…

Pardon the double chin action. I’m not sure what look I was going for here.

See how seriously Daniel took his job?! He even got the action of screwing in the hang-y screws. I am pretty sure he was cracking up at his photography skills here.

They look so good! I need to take some more pictures with flameless tea lights in them for the right effect. But that’s for another post!

Oh, we also spent some time this morning on our porch before church because the weather was so good. You can tell how much I enjoyed the weather by my face in this shot Daniel got of me:

DOUBLE CHIN AGAIN! Seriously, I am in a goofy mood as I am writing this. It is the only explanation for me purposefully posting terrible photos of myself. Anyways…here’s a shot of the two of us (Daniel was practicing using the self-timer – we don’t just enjoy taking tons of pictures of ourselves normally):

Not sure what’s up with my face but Daniel is looking fly! Seriously, I could just eat him up!

Speaking of eating, Daniel and I got our Pioneer Woman on after church on Sunday, making not one, but THREE of her recipes!

For dinner:

Comfort meatballs and mashed potatoes! Now if you click the link and go to the recipe you will probably keel over and die of a heart attack just reading the recipe but have no fear! We seriously reduced the amount of fatty goodness the recipes called for because I personally didn’t want to gain 10 pounds in one meal…but then I made this:

Blackberry cobbler! At least the ice cream was fat-free…sigh.

So that was our weekend.

What about you?

Did you make tasty meals or write a ridiculously long and boring paper for class?

Tell me about it.