Just a few quick things: We have some great new ways to connect with us:

  • Deanna just introduced me to a new website called Blog Lovin’. It’s kind of like Google Reader and Twitter and Facebook all rolled into one. At least what I gather so far. Follow my blog with Blog Lovin.
  • Deanna also introduced me forever ago to Pintrest, which has this amazing feature where it allows you to “pin” various items you find online to an online pin board so you are able to keep track of cool things you find on Etsy or even other blogs. I love it! If you want to follow me on Pintrest, click here.

  • We also created an Our Waldo Bungie Facebook page! So if you have a Facebook account, please search “Our Waldo Bungie” and like us! We’re planning on using our Facebook page to post photos that don’t make it to the blog and other various things. I am still figuring out what to do with it but I am fragile and get hurt feelings when people don’t like me so please, do your part to boost my self-esteem.