I recently discovered Love and a Six Foot Leash and I am hooked.

Aleksandra and her husband are saving the world – one dog at a time. They’ve opened up their home to foster pit bulls, which are often the first breed killed when shelters become overcrowded.

According to their blog, they want to “chronicle one family’s adventure in taking a dog with a sad past out of a shelter and offer it their love and a six-foot leash. We have a few humble goals in this pursuit: to find our current foster a great ‘forever home;’ to encourage others to foster by sharing our experience; and to show the gentle, loyal nature of pit bull type dogs when kept as family pets.”

So far they’ve fostered (and adopted out!) Lollie Wonderdog, a gorgeous pup with a sad past:

and now they’re fostering Gonzo Bunny Ears, another adorable character:

They also have their dog Chick, who serves as a mentor for their fosters:

Adorable, right?! I am completely obsessed with this blog – not only do Aleksandra and her husband have big hearts, but they are also amazing photographers! They even have a page on their blog about how to capture the best photos of your four-legged friends.

After reading their tips, I decided to do a little photo session with my pups…

I am so excited to practice my dogtography skills some more!

Please, please, please check out Love and a Six Foot Leash! They have such a wonderful message about fostering (which is one of our long-term goals) and their pups are sooooo cute!

All photos of Lollie, Chick, and Gonzo via Love and a Six Foot Leash.