I know that boxwoods are evergreens and azaleas are perennials, but yesterday I noticed that ours looked like this:

Sadface.html!! Apparently keeping plants alive through the winter months is not a life skill I’ve acquired.

Luckily, I just happened to be in Chicago last weekend and I just happened to buy every single item I laid eyes on a couple things at IKEA, most importantly the kardemumma pots.These pots make me so happy in my soul!

So with these:

and a little of this:

My porch now looks like this:

Look how happy my little gnome is! So much better, right?!

I also divided my peace lily and put the larger portion in another kardemumma pot:

Because I am an equal opportunity plant lover, I also bought some fejka artificial plants:

I love the bright green pops of color! Oh, and last but not least…

Those are courtesy of the checkout lane at Hy-Vee

Oh, IKEA…how I love you! I got a couple other things – but that’s for another post…