Those of you who know me know that I have a pretty big obsession with Portland, Oregon. I really want to live there someday and convinced Daniel to celebrate our three year anniversary there in a few months.

So I was excited when the show Portlandia premiered a few months ago. It is a sketch comedy show that pokes fun at some of the stereotypes of people who live in Portland.

It is really funny…especially this sketch:

Putting birds on things is a pretty popular trend right now…Kasey posted it about it a couple weeks ago and then on Friday I saw this post from Copy Cat Chic.

$29.95 for a sweater blanket?! Um, yes please!


image via


So over my lunch break I ran over to Tuesday Morning to grab one of the black blankets for myself. Once I got it home, I put it in it’s new home in the living room. What do you think?

It’s reversible! It’s warm! It’s adorable!

It kinda makes me want to have a baby so I can use it as inspiration for a baby room…but not enough to actually go through with the whole having-a-baby thing.