What is the deal with this weather?

Yesterday marked our THIRD snowstorm of the year!

I should have known better than to get our patio furniture out before April but…come on!

At least I finally came to my senses about cold weather footwear. Much like my bestie Deanna, I would wear ballet flats with 6 inches of snow on the ground…until this year. After the last blizzard, I scoured the city for a pair of winter boots. I was sick of constantly having wet feet so I ended up shelling out $100 for these babies:

At first I balked at the idea of spending $100 on winter boots, but after talking with a couple people who owned them, I decided that they were worth the investment. They are waterproof, warm, last forever, and are somewhat cute for winter boots. Now I just need a real winter coat, real gloves, and maybe a winter hat that’s practical and not just for show. I used to think that KC winters were relatively mild, and therefore, did not require antarctic-grade clothing, but now I know better.

The dogs are starting to get a bit stir crazy from being stuck inside. They have taken up permanent residence on the couch keeping a constant squirrel vigil.

Needless to say, I am over winter. So are the pups. We need some spring….stat.