Our dining room table is my first ever adult furniture purchase. Truth be told, it wasn’t even me who did the purchasing. My parents bought me a K-Mart dining room table set for my first ever apartment my senior year of college (thanks mom & dad!). It was one of those glorious, not-real-wood, under $100 finds and I loved it. This was before I was a Craigslist/Goodwill fiend, otherwise I would have been scouring them for a cool, old table. But no, I got this bad boy…

Let me tell you – I L.O.V.E this table! It’s been with me for over 6 years now and survived four different moves. It is solid as a rock (cue music, puh-leese).

My issue with it is that it is this big, honking black table in a house that screams I. LOVE. LIGHT. NEUTRAL. COLORS! In case you can’t tell, I’m a sucker for anything beige or white – preferably with some sort of natural fiber. So this table (let’s call him Sergio…for fun) sort of sticks out in my house.

I’ve been begging Daniel to paint Sergio for a couple of months and since we had so much paint left over from the shelf project, he decided to get started on giving Sergio a new look.

This was kind of a lengthy process. So for a month or so I was mostly looking at this:

I wasn’t upset with Daniel for taking so long – I mean, he works 3 jobs and was doing this project alone because when he had time to work on it I would disappear for several hours have so much homework to do for class. I sweetly hinted that it would be such a wonderful thing if the table, err Sergio, was done for Valentine’s Day or even my birthday a week later (February 19th, in case you’re wondering!). I feared we may never be able to use Sergio again when lo and behold:

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it! It was exactly the look I wanted (very Pottery Barn-esque) with a bright fabric for the seat to break up the brightness of a white table.

Oh, and because we already had the paint (and table), this project cost less than $20 (which was spent on fabric and padding for the chairs)! SCORE!

Needless to say, Daniel was definitely my Valentine on February 14th.

What lady doesn’t love a man who paints furniture for her?