Remember my mom’s kitchen? The one that used to look like this:

Pretty bad, right? Daniel and I tackled the wallpaper with my mom and did copious amounts of painting back in May to make it look like this:

A major improvement, yes, but there was still lots of work to be done, namely new counter tops and definitely some new appliances. You see, my mom has used those old appliances since I was in diapers and never complained – even though that fridge’s light never did work (causing us to bumble around in there when looking for a snack) and the handle was kept together by duct tape. It was a little embarrassing growing up – but I realize now that my parents just spent their money on us so they didn’t have any extra cash to spend on a new fridge (or dishwasher) (or oven).

Well, since their last little cherub (me!) left the nest almost 10 years ago, they didn’t really have any excuses to keep those old, crusty, energy-sucking appliances. So when Daniel & I went home to work on revamping my old bedroom, we convinced my mom to head over to Schaefer’s and take a look at new appliances.

After some bargaining (and checking other stores to make sure we were getting the best price) we walked out with an order for 4 new appliances for my mom. Unfortunately, Daniel and I had to head back to Kansas City, so we were unable to see them installed. But about a week or two later I got an excited phone call from my mom extolling the wonders of her new appliances (and she e-mailed me some photos):

New oven and over-the-top microwave! No more ugly yellow range hood! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…

New refrigerator! Check this out:

The fridge has a light in it! My mom is so pleased by that! She is also loving the slide out bottom freezer. All of the appliances are Maytag Energy Star and my mom said she’s already noticing that her gas and electricity bills are lower after a month of using them. She got a new dishwasher also but I can’t seem to find the photo of that. It’s magnificent, though. Trust me.

We’re not going to stop there, though! We still have to put in new counter tops…but we’re not sure if we should attempt it ourselves or get some bids to have a professional do it. Any thoughts?

More updates once the counter tops are done…