In December, I vowed in this post to do a few things over my Christmas break (since I never did get around to writing a Christmas letter). Besides becoming masters of Donkey Kong Returns for Wii (which we are only one level away from beating!), I also vowed that Daniel and I would teach Turk at least one trick.

Our inspiration for Turk’s latest trick comes from one of my favorite blogs, Two Pitties in the City, which is about a couple’s life in Chicago with their two adorable pitties, Mr. B & Ms. M.

Mr. B and Ms. M do all kinds of adorable tricks and I’d like for Turk to follow their lead.

I really want to expand Turk’s repertoire because: (1) it’s cute to show off at parties; and (2) it helps to calm Turk down when he has a task to complete.

We used this as inspiration:

image via

Turk managed to pick this trick up pretty quickly…isn’t he a champ?!

He also has “playing dead” down pat…

Ignore his red belly - he has a sensitive tummy and the cold irritates it...we're dealing with it though.

Unfortunately, Rufus cannot be bothered with learning any tricks…

Too cool for (training) school.

Daniel is working on teaching Turk to ‘heel’ and to ‘take a bow.’ We’ll see how it goes…he’s the trick-teacher in this house.

What cool tricks have you taught your dogs?