Like that pun? Is it a pun? Daniel and I can’t decide…anyways…

We FINALLY decided on how to arrange the frames (thanks for your input!) and we got some of our honeymoon pictures printed, so now it’s time to see the finished product:

Although this photo is awful (I am BEGGING Daniel for a new camera for my birthday), we were pretty happy with how it turned out. Every time I pass these shelves, I’m reminded of our very first vacation as a married couple. I finally have a place to display some of our souvenirs:

This fella was purchased after a very confusing conversation with a vendor in Playa del Carmen. When I picked it up, he came over and started talking very animatedly in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish so he switched to English and insisted I buy it. I asked what it was and he exclaimed “a crone gourd!” I was confused and kept asking him to repeat it slowly until I realized he was saying “Corn God.” Apparently it makes you fertile. I just laughed and handed him some pesos and we went along our way. Daniel and I are very fond of our “crone gourd.”

I picked this up thinking it was some kind of dog candle holder. I love dogs so I bought it. When I got home I realized it was a stuck pig. Not quite sure how I confused the two but I love it anyways. Up it goes onto the shelf.

This wasn’t picked up on our honeymoon but I figured it fits because that was the first week I was officially a “Hawkins.” It was so weird that week when I was referred to as “Senora Hawkins” by various staff at the resort. Soooooo weird. Even almost three years later I still take a second when someone calls me that. I’m like, “Who’s Mrs. Hawkins?” I may never get used to it.

In case you can’t see the photos super well, these are the ones we picked for the frames:

The first three photos are from a beach in Tulum and the last one is from the resort where we stayed. We purposefully chose photos that we weren’t featured in because we wanted the shelves to look timeless. I am really happy with how it turned out. What do you think?

Oh, and now we can cross one of our goals off our list! YES!