Happy 2011!

While we’re going to get to our resolutions later in the week, we need your help on a decorating decision!

I asked Daniel to build me some shelves with his new Kreg Jig set that he got for Christmas while he was on his break (he gets almost 2 weeks off at Christmas PAID – I, unfortunately, do not). He promised me he would do a tutorial post on it sometime this week, but we need your help NOW, so you get to see the finished project BEFORE the how-to. Aren’t you lucky?

Here are the shelves:

The plan is to display some photos of our honeymoon to go with the beachy vibe we’re trying to convey. But we can’t agree on the best way to display the frames. That’s where YOU come in!

Help us to decide which layout is best:

Choice #1 - Funky/Mismatched

Choice #2 - Simple/Symmetry

Choice #3

Choice #4

Those are the four configurations we’ve come up with – we’re open to others though.

The other things on the shelf will probably change, too. But we’re stuck until we can figure out the frame situation.

What do YOU think? Which of the four choices do you like best? Is there a configuration that we’re missing that you think would be the best?