Or … making dinner with the ingredients available in the kitchen because we’re not. going. shopping.

Why? Well, we’re heading out this week to Colorado to visit Daniel’s family and get our Christmas on … a week early. Our friends Nate and De agreed to house-sit (and dog-sit) for us, so while we left enough groceries to tide them over while they’re here, we don’t have much….

Because of our impending trip, our grocery list was very minimal (a.k.a. I pretty much only got the ingredients to make our friend Josh’s cream cheese chicken enchiladas because it was COLD and they sounded yummy – I will post the recipe soon because they are FANTASTIC!) I did get Nate and De’s favorite beverages for the fridge and ingredients for cookies because really, if someone is going to come house-sit and dog-sit, it’s my opinion that you should try to make your house into a little bed and breakfast-y type place in order to entice your friends to say “hey, we’d be happy to house-sit and dog-sit again anytime!” I’m so clever … Anyways … yeah, not a lot of groceries to speak of … so what could I make for dinner on Monday?

I found a few produce items in the fridge that needed to be used and some Trader Joes Israeli couscous I got awhile ago that I’d been dying to try, so …

The forgotten ingredients of Casa Hawkins.

I sautéed the spinach and onion until they were tender.

Wilty spinach.

Then I added the couscous and stirred it continuously until it was slightly browned … well, that’s what the box said to do. But how do you know it’s slightly brown? Isn’t that a little subjective? Anyways, moving on … after the couscous was slightly browned, I added about half a carton of low sodium chicken broth, a couple dashes of cinnamon, some crushed bay leaves, and a little salt. This was a very random recipe so none of the measurements were exact. If you attempt this for yourself, follow your heart … it will lead the way … or whatever.

Couscous...slightly browned.

Couscous drowned in chicken broth.

Once the broth was entirely soaked into the couscous, I added a little parsley and about 1/2 a cup of raisins. It tasted pretty decent for a meal made up of random ingredients from my kitchen. Daniel referred to it as “delightful.”


So tell me  – what do YOU make out of random things in your kitchen?