This might sound a bit nerdy to some, but I got all giddy today when I found out we have 15 subscribers on Google Reader. Now, 13 of you are probably mine or Daniel’s family, but still, that made my day! 15 people care enough about our lives that they are willing to make some space in their Google Reader for us….15 may not seem like a lot to some people, but it means a lot to us!

Let me know who you are….I probably already follow your blog, because I tend to do that if a blogger comments on our blog – onto the Google Reader they go! And if I really, really, REALLY like your blog, you get on the blog roll. Because we are obviously super popular what with our 15 subscribers so making it to our blog roll is a huge honor…. *sarcasm abounding * *Also, could I have said BLOG more times in that paragraph?! *

Tell us what you think…what do you like about the blog? What do you want to see more/less of? I’m done with this semester as of tonight (last final! wish me luck!) so in the coming weeks I plan to load up on posts so I won’t be silent for so long between postings.

Oh, and THANK YOU for following us…even if it is just my mom, Daniel’s mom, and a couple of friends. We still appreciate it, and that’s why we try to entertain you (even if it’s incredibly poorly) with stories of our life, our house, and our doggies.

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