I’ve been reading on several blogs lately about simplifying your life. Some of my favorite blogs, like YHL and (never home)maker, talked about getting rid of 100 things in your house that you don’t use.

I attempted to do this a couple times this summer and got rid of bags and bags of clothing (mostly mine, some of Daniel’s) and various kitchen appliances that we didn’t use (like the blender without a lid or the crock pot without a lid – not sure how our lids always go missing but I digress).

I highly doubted there was any way I could get rid of 100 more things in my house for the third or fourth time. I was living simply enough, right? Well, class got out early tonight and I just couldn’t bring myself to come home and work on papers, so I dared myself to try and get rid of 100 things before Daniel got home from work at 11 p.m.

In 2 hours I managed to get rid of:

* 51 articles of clothing
* 1 clutch
* 7 pairs of shoes
* 14 books
* 14 DVDs
* 13 VHS tapes
* 1 set of coasters

Total: 101 things!

I’m not sure if I should pat myself on the back for being so cut-throat with my clothing and shoe collection, or if I should be disgusted that I allowed myself to hang on to some of this stuff for so long. Am I a hoarder? Commence shame spiral….

Anyways, here is some of the stuff I’m getting rid of…it’s going to Goodwill unless someone in the blogosphere sees something they want. Then, name your price.

And here’s the pile of clothes…..I am pretty sure I might be a hoarder. I’ll start a 12 step program ASAP.

P.S. I did start my list of goals today during lunch thanks to some helpful suggestions from you all….now if only I could figure out how to add a tab to my blog for it….