Daniel & I got up early and voted this morning. I’ve voted in every election since I turned 18 and think it’s extremely important to participate! As they say, you can’t complain about what’s going on in government if you aren’t a registered voter who actually VOTES!

But enough of that – I want to make a long-term goals list… a la Kate at Twenty-Six to Life.

So far, I can only think of a few…

1. Be a foster dog parent for a local shelter (this will require a bit more training of my two current dogs, as they can be a bit bossy and grumpy – I need to make sure fostering would be a blessing to a rescue pup and not a curse!)

2. Quit drinking pop once and for all. I’ve done this several times for a few weeks but always go back. I’d like to kick the habit for good since I don’t like the idea of being so dependent on it.

3. Get a Master’s Degree (well, I’m in grad school now so I am well on my way)

4. Join a community choir (I’ve been wanting to do this since I haven’t participated in any choir since college and miss it terribly)

5. Visit NYC (I’ve never been and have several friends that live there)

6. Pay off our last debts (we’re well on our way for this…but I figured I should still have it on the list)

Any other suggestions? I’m open to just about anything!