Do you like my subject line? It’s a reference to one of my favorite bloggers, who happens to live in the KC Metro also.

Since we’ve yet to decide on a color for our front door, it remains white. But, we did get a small addition to our front door awhile back when Daniel’s Aunt Carol & Beth (and their husbands) came to KC for a whirlwind weekend of renovation. Most of their work was done in the crawlspace, adding support beams and insulating our pipes so we don’t have an incident like last winter. Because I was sick that weekend, and also because I don’t go in the crawlspace, they did a quick project for me that I could actually see the results with my own eyes. And here it is:

We got a storm door! I’ve been wanting one for a long time – it adds so much light to our living room to be able to open the main door and get all the light through the window on the storm door. Also, it’s been nice on cool evening to open the window on the storm door and let the breeze come into the house. Preston and Bill (Daniel’s uncles) did an amazing job installing it – apparently, our door frame was slightly crooked, so they had to do a lot of work to make sure the door was installed correctly. They also did a lot of amazing work in the crawl space, but I will leave that up to Daniel to explain to you another time. They are a great resource for us in working on our little bungalow, and the free (extremely skilled) labor is always appreciated!

Here are a few more shots of the door, my latest Hobby Lobby find, my rose moss, and the porch area – please don’t judge me on how dirty it is. Those stripes are hard to keep clean!